Fundația Europeană Titulescu a organizat miercuri, 26 noiembrie 2014, de la orele 10.00,  lansarea volumului „Romania and the International Court of Justice” al conf. univ. dr. Bogdan AURESCU, secretar de stat pentru afaceri strategice  (MAE).

Alături de autor au luat cuvântul: prof. univ. dr. Raluca MIGA-BEȘTELIU și prof. univ. dr. Adrian NĂSTASE.

Romania has an unwavering attachment for international law, as its observance stands at the very core of Romania’s foreign policy. For a country like Romania, the use of international law principles, concepts and instruments is meant not only to enhance the ethnic dimension of State conduct in international relations, and thus the International Rule of Law, but it maximizes the efforts for reaching the most important national objectives. Also, there is a significant series of Romanian lawyers who contributed substantially to the development of international jurisdictions. The recourse to international jurisdictions is therefore a natural consequence: Romania has a long history of contacts with, and support for its essential dimension of international law, since the interwar period„.      (conf. univ. dr. Bogdan Aurescu)

Evenimentul a avut loc la Casa Titulescu, Șos. Kiseleff nr. 47.