Conferința internațională ”Centenarul Micii Antante (1921-2021)


Fundația Europeană Titulescu a organizat joi, 9 decembrie 2021, in format hibrid,  împreună cu Ambasada Republicii Cehe la București, Conferința internațională „Centenarul Micii Antante 1921-2021”. Conferința a marcat vernisajul unei interesante expoziții documentare și a reunit istorici, diplomați si specialiști ai domeniului din România, Cehia, Serbia si Slovacia. S-a discutat despre geneza Micii Antante si despre evenimentele legate de aceasta, despre relevanța ideilor în epocă, despre necesitatea cooperării, despre respectul ordinii internaționale, despre prevenirea revizionismului istoric, despre statele mici si alianțele de azi. Au participat ambasadorii Cehiei, Slovaciei, Serbiei, Macdoniei de Nord si Bosniei-Herzegovina. Au transmis mesaje ministri adjuncti din Cehia si Serbia, precum si Secretarul General al MAE roman.


Welcoming speech: Prof. Dr Adrian NĂSTASE, President of Titulescu European Foundation

Address from the Minister of Foreign Affairs-Romania

Address from Mr. Jan Havránek , Deputy Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic

I. Europe at 100 years of the Little Entente genesis

H.E. Mrs Halka KAISEROVA, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Romania

H.E. Mr Karol MISTRÍK, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Romania

H.E. Mr Stefan TOMAŠEVIĆ, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Romania

Opening of the Anniversary Exhibition – Minister-Counsellor Dr Doru LICIU, Director of the Diplomatic Archives-MFA, Romania

Launch ceremony for a Philatelic Occasionally Cover, dedicated to the anniversary conference (Bartoc Cultural Foundation-Romania)

II. The Little Entente Defensive Alliance – a lesson of cooperation for Peace, Security and Development

Nemanja STAROVIĆ, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia: Current relevance of the ideas of the Little Entente on the necessity of cooperation, respect for the international legal order and the prevention of historical revisionism

Dr Şerban PAVELESCU, Institute for Defence Policy Studies and Military History ‒ ISPAIM. Bucharest: Romania and the Little Entente. An Essay for a Possible Summary

Dr Karel STRAKA, the Military History Institute, Prague: The Little Entente, a subject of European strategy, in opinions and considerations of French military strategists in the 1930s

Dr Matej HANULA, the Institute of History of Slovak Academy of Science: The Place of Little Entente in Political Concepts and Integrational Plans of Milan Hodža

Dr Ondřej DITRYCH, the Institute of International Relations, Prague: Smaller States and Alliance Politics in Today’s World

Dr Vasile PUŞCAŞ, Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy: Little Entente, lessons for Today and Tomorrow

Closing Remarks: Prof. Dr Adrian NĂSTASE

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